Organizational Plans Facilitation

Organizational Plans; Facilitation

Community/                        Organizational Planning

How many organizations do, in fact, block new ideas and thinking? Especially in communities with limited resources, it is important to build a dialogue and vision for the future.

With the right vision, goals and potential targets, organizations can become so much more successful in achieving results beyond what they wanted and dreamed of.

Most recently assisted a new local business organization to do their first and second STRATEGIC PLANS, with two very different processes and two different outcomes. The typical Dannemiller-Tyson approach was too cumbersome for this member-organization, and so we switched in 2008 to the Rockefeller Habits which includes a 1-page strategic plan for the organization and a 1-page personal plan for each member for their commitments...all with a focus on long-term and quarterly focuses rather than having "a middle" to worry about. This process will help this very fast-growing organization to grow manageably. 

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