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Welcome to the
Elegant Flair Gallery.
Nancee Byington

Custom & Commissioned Artwork

INTERIOR DESIGN - Commercial and residential designs and improvements, decor design, furnishings and installation support. Making it work for your lifestyle, personality and image.


I often wondered while growing up why  interior design intrigued me so....I discovered how important design elements are to our homes, offices and businesses ...  how color, creative design and style make us most comfortable and successful in life...  how design for efficiency, convenience and easy care can help make our lives richer ... and how the design aids us in selling ourselves personally and in business.     

 It's about making something ordinary extraordinary.

Interior Design Example :  Gasper's Restaurant
SUNSCREENS - for boat docks, for swimming pool enclosures

CUSTOM MURALS & SCENERY to enhance businesses, organizations or homes

WALLS - FLOORS - MURALS - Painting floors in colors to add new emphasis or to complement older concrete ... or adding graphic designs to them

MUNICIPAL / PUBLIC ART - designing and painting projects for municipalities

ACCOUSTICAL SOUND BOARDS - used to solve sound problems in a large spaces and add art to the area

FAUX PAINTING or texturizing walls

How we Work with You

All projects are designed with client input and a formal proposal is submitted for approval prior to the start of work that includes design, furnishing and installation work goals and costs.

Key Benefits

* Artistic flair - so space looks good
* Top organizational planning - so space works
* Client influence reflected in final designs


A package price - or % of furnishings purchased - or design fees: based on your specific needs, a proposal would include details on how we would work together and how changes would impact price.

For more information click here.

573-365-1605 • 573-365-1622


149 Scenic Drive (Lake of the Ozarks)
Eldon, MO. 65026