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Serving clients well by designing  for program effectiveness and operational excellence. 

  I don’t want to do the ordinary,
and I’m never content with the traditional.”

"Details make you just a little bit brighter
and more appealing to the guest clie

We have the credentials...
As a distinguished Certified Meetings Professional , with a creative spirit , a degree   in business and marketing,

and the experience . . .
in designing and managing business meetings and major events  for a  Fortune 100  corporation and now multiple client organizations.

It's all about designing a great program plan that attracts our best clients - and confidently executing it.
From our golf events to entertaining Top 50 executives at the Masters/PGA/other organization events -  to World Cup Soccer - to Ryder Cup - to LPGA tournaments - to NCAA Final Four - to many other types of events - the 1996 Olympics is the pinnacle program.  We sold packages to our executives to entertain top clients and operated the program so its impact was 20 times our costs compared to major sponsors.  At one Masters Tournament alone, we helped the corporation gain a long-sought-after $1-million client.

For a Dallas client, we "saved their program" just one week later.  In a 75-hour week, utilizing our resources and software expertise from managing the 1996 Summer Olympics, we were able to help design ways to make the program work successfully.  They said, "It's the first transportation program we have ever trusted:"  For the Pope's St. Louis visit, our reliable on-time logistics design supported the worldwide press in using a transportation system provided by event organizers because of their confidence in our system.  This resulted from training our staff to be able to operate independently if cell phones failed, which they did.
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